A Local Guide For Navigating The History And Heritage of Georgetown, Penang

George Town World Heritage Incorporated (GTWHI) is a state heritage agency established by the Penang State Government to spearhead efforts in safeguarding the Outstanding Universal Values (OUV) of the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the missions is to provide guidance to help visitors navigate the world-famous Georgetown UNESCO Historic Site and its nearby attractions. 


Together with our team at Emanon, we set out to develop a guide that includes a comprehensive map, clan jetty information, major attractions, and location of local delicacies. These information brochure aims to give a comprehensive history, background & culture about the point of interests. One of the biggest challenges is to consolidate and communicate all the relevant pieces of information to visitors from all around the world, all in one guide, that is easily consumable. Designing the layout and placement of the information has got the need for thorough thinking.


We designed the guide as a handy handheld booklet. This small form factor works well with just one hand, yet we are able to pack and present all the information effectively.

For George Town map, we divided pieces of information into categories with different colors as an indicator. This helps tourists to differentiate and decide which attractions they are interested in and plan their itinerary accordingly. We also went for the fold-out concept in the booklet to help tourists to have a bigger picture of the overall clan jetty site.


The guide had since helped countless visitors navigate Georgetown UNESCO Historic Site. It is being placed in Penang International Airport, GTWHI HQ Office and various tourist hotspots, making it easily accessible to more than thousands of tourists visiting Penang annually.