Rising To The Summit of Business Travel Hospitality

Georgetown, Penang is well known for its UNESCO Heritage Site and abundance of cultural architectures. M Summit Group strives to provide a unique experience for business travelers that are looking for something modern by building a 23-story executive suite. It is the first steel structure building on Penang Island, equipped with the latest technology Tower Parking system.


The team at Emanon was tasked to conceive the brand and market it. Promoting such a unique development situated in the heart of the well-developed city of George Town, Penang, is no easy feat. We have to capture the attention of our target market.


Create a captivating and modern brand that stands out.

We proposed that the brochure is covered with a mysterious black cover with striking red lines that looked like levels of light, representing the Tower Parking System. That idea wow-ed with the M Summit team and they redesigned the facade to look like the brochure. Marketing materials, such as hoardings, signboards, press ads, the marketing brochure, pull up banners, and invitation cards were also created for M Summit's sales team to market the project.


We achieved great brand awareness and an impressive impression for business travelers who visits Penang. M Summit 191 stands proud in the heart of George Town as a landmark on the map of George Town.