Manufacturing Website Doesn't Have to be Boring

Greatech is one of the world's leading automation solution providers in the areas of factory automation. Offering automation solutions in various industries to help their clients to meet productivity challenges & improve return on investment.


As part of their pre-IPO exercise, Greatech seeks to elevate the brand image to portray itself as more than just automation manufacturing provider. One of the key challenges is to bring out the human element from the traditional, rigid image of the manufacturing sector. 

This is particularly important in their website as it will the primary face to the many potential investor-to-be, as well as serving as the channel of information communication to the business partners and clients from around the world.


Our team at Emanon went through rounds of discussion with the Greatech team to develop the concept and focus on design that is not only beautiful but also gives the best user experience to potential customers and investors. We decided to focus on communicating the brand image through the website, reflecting Greatech brand's personalities, which are innovative, reliable and attention to detail.


With the joint-effort of Greatech & Emanon's team. We manage to deliver a refreshing, modern website that focused on positioning the brand as the global market leader and touch the lives of many humans.