Digital Transformation for Cooling Manufacturing

While it is a well-established company, there’s no escaping the digital revolution. It’s almost impossible to run a modern business without a professional digital brand presence.


For over 30 years, NRS has been providing specialist solutions to captains of industry with innovative approaches to manufacturing food & beverage, electronics, pharmaceuticals, power, and biomass. We are tasked to help NRS to go digital, to rejuvenate the brand image with a touch of modernity, which in turn help to boost sales during those traditionally low sales period.


We started our audit with the sales team in NRS and identified customer persona. After several consultations on NRS business roadmap and priorities, we have formulated a detail transformation roadmap, organized into 3 phases with the ultimate goal of creating a professional digital brand presence, drive traffic, gain leads and eventually translate to growth in sales. 

NRS digital transformation's three (3) phases.

  • Phase 1: Modern Website, Search Engine Optimisation, and Social Media Presence

  • Phase 2: Leads Management System, Leads Nurturing and Content Marketing

  • Phase 3: Google Search Ads, Remarketing (Google Ads Network and Facebook Ads Network)

Having aligned the understanding and timeline with NRS stakeholders, we then proceed to implement the strategy that we have laid out.


With cooperation and efficient information sharing from NRS, our team managed to launch a new website with a customized content management system (CMS) that allows the client to update whenever they require to.

Having the social media brand presence established, NRS solution is now seeing an ever-growing engagement with their audience via the digital front, also driving prospects to the sales team.